Distant Highway + See You Around (double single)

by Ashley Scrace



released August 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Ashley Scrace Berlin, Germany

British-Swedish singer-songwriter, based in Berlin, Germany.

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Track Name: Distant Highway
Distant highway
Curving gently
Through the dark hills
Leading me to you
I see you waiting, comfort with a small glass or two
Driving as fast as I can, watching for lights of blue.

I filled the fuel tank
With my mistakes
Pumping the brakes
Leaving in the lines
Oh when I met you, I wasn't looking out for something fine
Now there's no song to get you off my mind

I got no map to read as I
Look for somewhere to be
For your help I plead I can
Find a way to be free
On this highway, you and me.

I work the hours
I am paid for
I leave the factory floor
Forget about the day
The highway's jammed tonight, but I'm on my way
Don't run the red lights, 'cos I know where I'll stay.

The weight upon my shoulders
It don't go as I please
These days are darker, colder
But not with you as my breeze
On this highway, you and me.
Track Name: See You Around
You never see a hard time coming down the road
But now it's here I'll take it and see just where it goes
To this smokey bar, to this dead-end town,
I ain't got it perfect, but I'll sure work it out.

And I won't be here forever
Still I ain't going down
Listen to my words, now
You'll see I ain't a clown
I'm a man who's lost and found
And I'll be seeing you around.

Growing up the hard way, in the factories and bars
It gave me my new attitude, I'm still collecting scars
From the chances I take, to the love I make
I have no real direction, but who cares anyway.

I can't say the nine-to-five
Is a better way to go
You think you've got security
Then they just let you go.
Got to stand on your own ground
And I'll be seeing you around.


Give me all your anger, give me all your pain
Or give me that damn whiskey bottle and I'll be out for days
I'll take your wrecking ball, the rising and the fall
As long as you will have me, I'll be here when you call.

And if we never make it
I'm glad we made a sound
And bottled up the good times
To drink them when we're down
I'm a man who's lost and found
And I'll be seeing you around.

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